Autism Questionnaires

These questionnaires are the same ones I used before recieving a professional autism diagnosis. These questionnaires cannot diagnose autism on their own, but can be a great start at a self evaluation and can even be handy tools to show to your psychologist. I hope you enjoy them!

The Ultimate Autism Resource

This is one of my favorite resources! Not only does this website have tons of great autism evaluations with detailed descriptions, but it also has lots of great information about autism. The page was created by Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht and Martin Silvertant, who are both autistic themselves. The page is very pro-autism-acceptance and is even great for people who have known about their autism for a long time!

I printed out my results and organized them in a binder to share with the clinician that diagnosed me!

IDR Labs Autism Test

This test is based on a famous and well-regarded inventory of autism symptoms. Although it can’t tell you for certain if you’re autistic or not, it can be a great tool to use during your autism journey. At the end you will recieve a diagram, like mine below.

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