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I created this website to help spread information about autism, especially for late-diagnosed adults. You will find posts about what it’s like being autistic, the history of autism, current autism advocacy, and much more in my blog section. Please feel free to leave comments as I’m always happy to answer questions and take part in thoughtful discourse!

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Person-First vs Identity-First Language

Although identity-first language is used widely throughout the actually autistic community, many people are still taught to refer to autistic people with person-first language. Person-first language refers to a way of describing people with disabilities in which their personhood is put before their disability status. In this sense, person-first language is meant to describe whatContinue reading “Person-First vs Identity-First Language”

Research on the Autistic Brain

Although there is evidence to support some differences in the autistic brain, the unknowns outweigh the knowns. Additionally, the ethics surrounding such research provides some difficult questions to answer. Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition diagnosed on the basis of two core symptoms: social communication difficulty and repetitive behavior. This diagnosis is provided via observation ofContinue reading “Research on the Autistic Brain”

An Introduction to Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity, a term created by Judy Singer in 1998, has been a controversial idea within autism advocacy groups. Despite this, the actually autistic community has largely embraced neurodiversity, using it as a driving force for the disability rights movement. Neurodiversity refers to the variations seen within the human brain. These variations affect things such asContinue reading “An Introduction to Neurodiversity”

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