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I created this website to help spread information about autism, especially for late-diagnosed adults. You will find posts about what it’s like being autistic, the history of autism, current autism advocacy, and much more in my blog section. Please feel free to leave comments as I’m always happy to answer questions and take part in thoughtful discourse!

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Why I Love Being Autistic

People tend to focus on the negative aspects of autism, but there are also many positive features. Although the autism community tends to talk more about the benefits of autism, the general public is often only privy to a fairly negative narrative. There are certainly a lot of difficulties that come along with being autistic,Continue reading “Why I Love Being Autistic”

Why the “R-Word” Needs to be Eliminated From Your Vocabulary

Even in 2021, I still hear people using the R-word casually and without remorse, despite its negative impact. We need to not only stop using the R-word, but completely reframe our views of the disabled community. The R-word refers to the slur “retard” or any of its variations such as “retarded” or “libtard”. Although manyContinue reading “Why the “R-Word” Needs to be Eliminated From Your Vocabulary”


Masking is the act of artificially performing social behaviors or hiding less socially acceptable behaviors to appear more neurotypical. It is often a factor in late diagnosed autism. Men are more frequently diagnosed with autism than women at a rate of 4:1. There are several reasons for this, but one of the core reasons forContinue reading “Masking”

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